Creating collaborative custom copy for creative brands and individuals. 


As creatives we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and for many putting pen to paper can be a daunting and difficult task. From brand descriptions to personal bios, Mona Lisa is adept at translating the vision of creative individuals into succinct and stylish copy. Former features editor of Hope St Magazine and current freelance writer, editor and copyriter Mona Lisa uses her media and publication knowledge and her in-depth understanding of branding to put into words what you may struggle to. Working with some of the biggest independent creative brands in Scotland, including Isolated Heroes, DIY Nails, Sara Hill Makeup and Abandon Ship Apparel, Mona Lisa produces content and bespoke branding that defines brand voice and provides a detailed perspective of market segmentation. 

Knowledge of the creative sector is really what sets Mona Lisa apart. With a Masters Degree in Design, she has devised a unique and innovative process; she employs a self-developed research methodology devised from Service Design practises, mapping out and dissecting the topic, documenting the research, then reconstructing it for the task at hand. The end result is fully realised copy with depth, a richness of tone and informed conclusions. In a world of 'quick' content, it's the great content that stands out, and Mona Lisa's process was developed to provide clients with great content, quickly.


Isolated Heroes

DIY Nails

Hope St. Magazine


The Skinny

Sara Hill Make-Up

Not Everything Sucks

Abandon Ship Apparel

What I can do for you

  • Personal Bios

  • Website Copy

  • Brand Descriptions

  • Blog Posts

  • Articles

  • Press Releases

  • Branding - Custom bespoke branding

  • Product Information

  • Advertising or social media Copy

  • Email Marketing

  • Native Advertising

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  • Creative brand copy

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  • CV Creation